b'7050VANADIUM SPECIMEN TROUT HARPNESSSTRENGTH SROSION COR TROUTNeedle ConeVanadium SteelForgedReversed (Offset)BLACK BKSpade End| Forged hook with a spade end.| Solid and very sharp Needle Cone point.| A versatile hook, also popular for saltwater \x1f shing.Pcs. Pkg.Size1064 8 Actual sizeBK BagBK // 0020 // Bag Black 20Reference7050 BK0010H47050 BK0008H47050 BK0006H47050 BK0004H4 Bag (210M.O.Q. 0) 7054WORM HOOKHARPNESSSTRENGTH SCORROSIONNeedle ConeVanadium SteelForgedReversed (Offset)TIN RED TRRinged2 Barbs on Shank| A strong model for big salmon-trout.| Designed for \x1f shing with large worms such as red-worms.| Two barbs on the shank to keep bait \x1f rmly in place. Actual size Pcs. Pkg.Size611/0 42TR BlisterTR // 0010 // Blister Tin Red 10Reference7054 TR0006D17054 TR0004D17054 TR0002D17054 TR01/0D17054 TR0001D1 10M.O.Q. Blister ( 10 )RAPALA VMC| 97'