b'| INLINE HOOKS |7122SASAMINI ASSISTSHARPNESSSTRENGTHLURE SINGLECORROSIONNeedle SharpVanadium SteelForgedMicro-BarbPTFE NT| Top quality Mini Assist Hook developed to equip hardbaits and jigs. No leverage thanks to the coated assist braid| PTFE coating for optimal penetration| UV Tinsels: cut it if the pressure on the \x1f sh is too high| Super Long Needle Sharp Point| Micro barb to optimize penetration speed and catch & release| High-End Vanadium wire and coated assist braid to ease the change in the split ring 2 cm Actual size 1 cm8 6 4 20 cmAssist Braid 35lb Pcs. Pkg.Size842 6NT BagNT // 0006 // Bag PTFE 6ReferenceAVM351187AVM351188AVM351189AVM351186 VIDEO5 M.O.Q.Bag ( 6) 7237 LIGHT INLINESHARPNESSSTRENGTHCORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelExtra Wide GapLarge EyeBLACK NICKEL BN1X Strong| Versatile inline single hook to use in place of a treble hook on lures| Extra wide gap to improve catch rate| Built with new VMC Needle Sharp technology Actual size10 8Pkg.Size1084211/02/03/04/0 6Pcs. 43 7 BNBlack Nickel Reference 7237 BN0010I47237 BN0008I47237 BN0006I47237 BN0004I47237 BN0002I47237 BN01/0K47237 BN02/0L47237 BN03/0L47237 BN04/0L4 7237 BN0001I4 10Bag (4 ) 1010M.O.Q. Bag (3 ) Bag ( 7 )38|RAPALA VMC'