b'| SOFT PLASTIC HOOKS |7547F FFINESS FLUORO STINGERSHARPNESSTRENGTH S LURE SINGLECORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedInline Rotated RingBLACK NICKEL BNShort Shank1X Strong| Typical zander stinger dedicated to \x1f ness \x1f shing| Two different ways of rigging it: on the back of the softbait or through the softbait 0,40mm (FLUOROCARBON) | 95MM (LENGTH)6TUTO0,40mm (FLUOROCARBON) | 75MM (LENGTH)80,35mm (FLUOROCARBON) | 54MM (LENGTH) | 10 ReferenceSizeDiameterLength M.O.Q. 10AVM7100031054mm35/100Qty/Pack 2AVM710004875mm Actual size40/100695mm AVM7100057554WWWIRE STINGERSHARPNESSSTRENGTH CORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForged2X StrongBLACK NICKEL BNInline Rotated Ring| Typical pike stinger that can be positioned in two different ways: on the back of the softbait or through the softbait12KG (STRENGTH) | 140MM (LENGTH) 112KG (STRENGTH) | 110MM (LENGTH)212KG (STRENGTH) | 90MM (LENGTH)6 Actual size TUTO6KG (STRENGTH) | 75MM (LENGTH) 8ReferenceStrengthM.O.Q. 10 SizeLengthAVM710009 54mm 87kgQty/Pack2 6KG (STRENGTH) | 54MM (LENGTH) | 8 AVM71001075mm 8 AVM710011690mm212kg110mm AVM710007 1140mm AVM710008 RAPALA VMC| 77'