b'| SOFT PLASTIC HOOKS |7342TKTKTOKYO RIG LIGHTHARPNESSSTRENGTHLURE SINGLESCORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedExtra Wide GapBLACK NICKEL BN1X Strong| The famous Tokyo Rig is now available in LIGHT version. This version allows the angler to use smaller softplastics| Get strikes, \x1f sh when \x1f shing pressure is high| Needle Sharp point for optimal penetration| Ideal for perch, zander, bass| Ideal for \x1f shing in heavy cover conditions (structures, woods, lilipads)1/0 2/03/04/0 5/0 Actual size Pcs. Pkg.Size1/02/03/04/05/0 BN BagBN // 0002 // Bag Black Nickel ReferenceAVM351025AVM351027AVM351028AVM351029 2 AVM351026 VIDEOVIDO IN SESSION6M.O.Q.ag ( 2 )BRAPALA VMC| 69'