b'| IN-SHORE / SURFCASTING | 7244SURF CASTINGLIVEBAITSHARPNESSSTRENGTHCORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedRingedBLACK NICKEL BNLong Shank| Long-shank hook deisgned for Surf Casting| Ideal for baiting with long worms| A popular VMC pattern now available with Needle Sharp point technologyPkg.Size641 2Pcs.01 9 BNBlack NickelActual sizeReference AVM350128AVM350129AVM350130 AVM350131 10Bag (9 ) 10M.O.Q. Bag (1 0 )7245RK POINT SURFCASTINGSPASHARPNESSSTRENGTH CORROSIONSpark Point Vanadium SteelForgedRingedBLACK NICKEL BN2 Barbs on ShankLong Shank| Highly popular with surfcasting competitors| Fine wire for rag worms and lugworms| Premium Spark Point for extreme sharpnessActual sizePcs Pkg.Size6211/02/0 4 10 BN // 0010 // Bag 7245 BN0006D47245 BN0004D47245 BN0002D47245 BN0001D47245 BN02/0D4BN Bag7245 BN01/0D4Black NickelReference BN // 0020 // Bag207245 BN0006H47245 BN0004H47245 BN0001H47245 BN01/0H47245 BN02/0H4 7245 BN0002H4 1010M.O.Q. Bag (1 0)Bag ( 20) 114|RAPALA VMC'