b'| ALLROUND |9012BBCRYSTAL BARBLESSSHARPNESSSTRENGTHLIVEBAITCORROSIONCut PointVanadium SteelBarblessSpade EndBLUE BL X Long ShankX Fine Wire | A barbless hook with extra-\x1f ne wire| Ideal for speed surface \x1f shing| Recommended with \x1f ne baits : mud worms & blood worms Pcs. Pkg.Size22201816Actual sizeBL Bag BL // 0010 // Bag Blue 10Reference9012 BL0022D49012 BL0018D49012 BL0016D4 9012 BL0020D4 Bag ( 10)10M.O.Q.9013 CRYSTAL X FINE WIREHARPNESSSTRENGTH SCORROSION Cut PointHi-Carbon SteelSpade EndX Long Shank BLUE BLBRONZE BZX Fine Wire| The \x1f nest wire hook in the range| Very popular amongst competitors, in challenging conditions for roach, white\x1f sh and breamPcs. Pkg.Size20181614BL BL // 0010 // BagBlue 109013 BL0018D4Bag9013 BL0020D49013 BL0016D49013 BL0014D4Actual sizeReferenceBZ BZ // 0010 // Bag Bronze 109013 BZ0020D49013 BZ0016D4 -9013 BZ0018D4 Bag ( 10 ) 10M.O.Q.9011 CRYSTALHARPNESSTRENGTH S SSSC CORROSION Cut PointHi-Carbon SteelSpade EndX Long ShankBLUE BLX Fine Wire| Fine wire and long shank hook| An extremely versatile hook| Perfect in rivers, canals and pondsPcs. Pkg.Size20181614 Actual sizeBL Bag BL // 0010 // Bag Blue 10Reference9011 BL0020D49011 BL0016D49011 BL0014D49011 BL0018D4 Bag ( 10 ) 10M.O.Q.102|RAPALA VMC'