b'| SOFT PLASTIC HOOKS |REFILL SCREW L| Optimal size for 15cm to 25cm softplastics.| Fix \x1f rmly your softplastic, cast after cast.| Length 5,8cm.| Stainless Steel Wire LURE SINGLEPcs. Pkg.Actual size Blister5Reference AVM550039 5M.O.Q. Blister ( 5 )REFILL SCREW M| Optimal size for 12cm to 15cm softplastics.| Fix \x1f rmly your softplastic, cast after cast.| Length: 4,4cm.| Stainless Steel Wire Pcs. Pkg.Blister 5ReferenceAVM550040Actual size) 5M.O.Q. Blister (5SWIMMING DEPTH ADAPTER| Add weight to your hard bait and modify the swimming depth!| Just clip the Swimming Depth Adapter to the eyelet of your hard bait, add the appropriate Re\x1f ll Weight to the Adapter and attach your line or leader to the Adapter.| Changing the weight and modifying the swimming depth is now easy and quick.Pcs. Pkg.Blister ReferenceAVM550041Actual size 5 M.O.Q. Blister (5 VIDEOVIDO) 5SPIKE PIN| Corrosion-resistant Coastal Black coating, improving salinity resistance of some soft lures.| Barb and bend designed for an optimized hold of a soft lure, even with the softest materials.| XXL Eye to ease assembly with split rings and hooks. Pcs. 10CBCoastal Black Reference AVM550054 Actual sizeBlister ( 10 ) 5M.O.Q.80|RAPALA VMC'