b'| HEAVY DUTY |7233 REDENTEX BACKLIVEBAITSHARPNESSTRENGTH SROSION CORNeedle SharpVanadium SteelForgedTechnical LockingCurveCOASTAL PTFE CTReversed (Offset)Resin Closed Eye| Same characteristics as 7232 Front.| This back version offers a reversed shape to optimize the hook up ratio.| Technical Locking Curve Shape| Coastal PTFE Coating| Resin Closed Eye technology| Super long Needle Sharp pointActual sizePkg.Size2/03/04/05/06/0 Pcs. 8764 5 CTCoastal PTFE Reference AVM351227AVM351228AVM351229AVM351231TUTOAVM351230 5) 5555M.O.Q. Bag (4 ) Bag (5 Bag ( 6)Bag ( 7)Bag ( 8 )120|RAPALA VMC'