b'DOUBLE CATCH2908 DOUBLE HOOKSSHARPNESSSTRENGTHCORROSIONCut PointHi-Carbon Steel1X StrongBRONZE BZ | When predators are hard to catch and wont really bite on the lure, it is important to attach a lucky hook on your soft lure.| The Double Catch will allow you to increase the amount of catches during the days when \x1f shes are particularly picky.| The ultimate weapon!Pcs. Pkg.Size42 6BZBlisterlisterBZ // 0005 // BBronze5Reference2908 BN0006E52908 BN0004E52908 BN0002E5Actual size10M.O.Q. Blister (5 )9900DOUBLE PARROT BEAK HARPNESSTRENGTH S SROSION CORCut PointHi-Carbon SteelOpen ShankBRONZE BZ | Parrot-beak shape| Perfect for dead bait \x1f shing| Cradles the sides of the bait Pcs. Pkg.Size28262422BZ10Blisterlister BZ // 0010 // BBronzeReference9900 BZ0028D19900 BZ0026D19900 BZ0024D1 9900 BZ0022D1 10M.O.Q.lister ( 10 )B Actual size 32|RAPALA VMC'