b'| VMC POINTS |NEEDLE SHARP CONE CUT VMC Needle Sharp is the very latest in premium point technologyThe point that combines sharpness, structural stability and quality from VMC, the result of a unique point-grinding process, chemicallythanks to a conical tip, a triangular crest and a barb so \x1f ne that it sharpened to perfection. assures, without force, a clean and perfect penetration beyond the barb.SPARK POINT CUTE POINTINTRODUCTIONDeveloped exclusively by VMC for ultimate performance hooks. AThe traditional hook point with excellent penetration capacity. This premium point hardened by forming, followed by chemical sharpeningstandard hook point is the most widely manufactured in the world. ensures permanent hook sharpness. Front and back reinforcementAll VMC hooks beginning with the number 9 have a standard ribs guarantee the points rigidity. Energy channels increase the speedCut Point, unless otherwise indicated.of penetration and optimise the points driving force upon striking.NEEDLE CONE DYNACUT POINTThe result of a sharpening technique that gathers the metal \x1f bersDeveloped for Big Game Fishing The geometry of the Dynacut point and squeezes them toward the center of the point. By compressingallows the hook to easily penetrate the hardest part of the jaw of rather than cutting, VMC has created a point equal or superior inBig Game species such as marlin, shark and giant tuna, instantly sharpness to the best available and incredibly stronger.providing a perfect setting of the hook for a safe and clean \x1f ght.| VMC STEEL |HI-CARBON VANADIUMSTAINLESSSTEEL STEEL STEELCarbon stabilizes iron during temperature changes.VMC Vanadium hooks owe their success to theirReserved for special professional and premium The higher the level of carbon, the stronger the steel.lightness allied with their incredible resistance: upsport hook series, stainless steel is perfect for VMC uses premium-quality high carbon steel to giveto 25% increased strength. VMC Vanadium steeldeep sea \x1f shing, salmon and big \x1f sh. Ultimate a thinner hook the highest quality point and durability. is perfect for any \x1f nesse-style hooks that requirecorrosion resistance requiring no further coating.instant penetration.| VMC COATING |An optimum level of corrosion resistance exists for each individual \x1f shing application. You can depend on VMC coatings to preserve the unique sharpness, strength, shape and \x1f nish of our hooks for as long as you need them to last. The wide range of VMC coatings offers an ef\x1f cient solution adapted to every \x1f shing condition.FRESHWATER SALTWATER EXTREME CONDITIONSBK - BLACK BN - BLACK NICKEL CB - COASTAL BLACK PS - PERMASTEEL BL - BLUE GO - GOLD TI - TINBZ - BRONZE NI - NICKEL TR - TIN RED 1000 + HOURS !NT - P.T.F.E. RD - RED CT - COASTAL PTFEThese coloured hooks receive a thin layer ofThe perfect balance between coating thicknessThe Coastal PTFE coating (CT) is 5 times moreThe original anti-corrosion coating by excellence, unique varnish that covers the hook withoutand point sharpness, to ensure optimum hookcorrosion resistant than a PTFE. It increasesexclusive to VMC.affecting the sharpness of its point. The varnishperformance and resistance against corrosion. the penetration speed by 50% compare to creates a shield on Hi-Carbon and Vanadium a classic black nickel coating.This exclusiveThe Permasteel secret formula creates a 100% steel by covering the entire hook surface.Whentechnology is the result of 3 years intensiveprotective shield for even the most vulnerable \x1fcoatingsresearches at the VMC factory in France.areas of the hook, whilst maintaining ultimateshing in freshwater, these VMCwill preserve hook sharpness, strength andThe new Coastal Black finish, uniquepoint sharpness.appearance to the highest possible level. Smooth P.T.F.E. coating is now available onto VMC, is the ultimate combinationVMC Permasteel prevents signs of corrosion a number of VMC premium models. Thisof an innovative coating for extremein saltwater for over 1000 hours.Tin and Tin Red coatings are highlytechnical coating improves hook discretioncorrosion resistance and a premium hook recommended for all saltwater fishing\x1fand increases penetration speed by 50%.nishing process for maximum sharpness.applications, particularly those involving intense friction such as trolling or when in direct contact with stainless steel. SALTWATER FINISHsee more details inLivebait part6|RAPALA VMC'