b'9908DOUBLE LIMERICK 90 DOUBLE HOOKSSHARPNESSTRENGTH SCORROSIONCut PointHi-Carbon SteelOpen ShankBRONZE BZ | A classic hook for tying rigs| Two 90 branches| Ideal for dead-bait \x1f shing Actual sizePkg.Size10643211/02/03/0 8Pcs. 105BZBronze Reference 9908 BZ0010D19908 BZ0006D19908 BZ0004D19908 BZ0003D19908 BZ0002D19908 BZ01/0E19908 BZ02/0E19908 BZ03/0E1 9908 BZ0008D19908 BZ0001D1 10Blister (5 ) 10M.O.Q. Blister ( 10) DOUBLE FOR SOFT LURES9920 SHARPNESSSTRENGTHCORROSIONCone CutHi-Carbon SteelForgedRingedRED RDX Long Shank | Round shape with very sharp Cone Cut points| Designed for rigging soft-plastic lures| Ideal for zander, pike and perch.Pcs. Pkg.Size2/04/0 2RD10Blisterlister RD // 0010 // BRedReference9920 RD02/0D19920 RD04/0D1 9920 RD0002D1 Blister ( 10 ) 10M.O.Q.Actual size 34|RAPALA VMC'