b'| BIG GAME |8705 DYNACUT BAY KING / OFFSHORESHARPNESSSTRENGTHCORROSIONLIVEBAIT DynacutHi-Carbon SteelForgedStraight PointTIN TIRinged| Straight-point model| Ready-to-\x1f sh, ultra-sharp Dynacut point| Does not require additional sharpening| Penetrates into the hardest part of the jaw of game \x1f sh| Resists pressure during the setting of the hook Actual sizePcs. Pkg.Size8/09/010/011/012/013/0 TI Bag TI // 0002 // BagTin 2Reference8705 TI08/0M48705 TI09/0M48705 TI10/0M48705 TI11/0M48705 TI12/0M48705 TI13/0M4 Bag ( 2)10M.O.Q.RAPALA VMC| 129'