b'| STAINLESS STEEL |8255SSOSHAUGHNESSY STAINLESS STEELHARPNESSTRENGTH S SCORROSION LIVEBAITCone Cut Stainless SteelForgedRingedSTAINLESS STEEL SSLong Shank| Versatile for all types of sea \x1f shing| Especially suited to wrecking and down-tiding| Use with \x1f sh baits, mackerel, squid Actual sizePkg.Size64211/02/03/04/05/06/07/0 Pcs.510 2 SSStainless Steel Reference 8255SPO0006C18255SPO0004C18255SPO0002C18255SPO01/0C18255SPO02/0C18255SPO03/0C18255SPO04/0C18255SPO05/0C18255SPO06/0D18255SPO07/0D1 8255SPO0001C1 10) 5M.O.Q. Blister ( 10 ) Blister (25 8294SSOCTOPUS FAULTLESS STAINLESS STEELSHARPNESSSTRENGTHCORROSIONCone CutStainless SteelForgedCurved-in PointSTAINLESS STEEL SSReversed (Offset)Spade End| OShaughnessy, forged and reversed hook with spade end| Strong and sharp| Popular for white sea-bream Actual size Pcs. Pkg.Size6211/02/03/0 4SS Blister SS // 0025 // BlisterStainless Steel 25Reference8294SPO0006C18294SPO0002C18294SPO02/0C18294SPO03/0C18294SPO0004C18294SPO0001C18294SPO01/0C1 5M.O.Q.lister (25 B )RAPALA VMC| 139'