b'| PREDATOR |8357CATFISH 6X STRONG LIVEBAITHARPNESSSTRENGTH SCORROSIONCone Cut Hi-Carbon SteelForgedTechnical LockingCurvePTFE NT1/2 Reversed (Offset)Ringed6X Strong| Excellent resistance to opening| Cone Cut point for excellent penetration| Premium smooth PTFE coating| Popular cat\x1f sh hook also highly suited to saltwater livebait applicationsActual size Pkg.Size5/07/09/0 Pcs. 753NT PTFE Reference 8357 NT05/0I18357 NT07/0E18357 NT09/0L1) 1010B 10M.O.Q. Blister (3 Blister ( 5) lister ( 7 )108|RAPALA VMC'