b'| |7547 UYBRID UVV VH UTREBLE HOOKSHARPNESSTRENGTH S SCORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedCurved-in PointBLACK NICKEL BN Inline Rotated RingShort Shank1X StrongUV Flash | The famous 7547 Hybrid in a UV style !| Boost your lures by adding this UV treble.| Designed to allow super natural swimming action of hardbaits.Actual size Pkg.Size8421 6Pcs. 3 UV Kristal Flash for maximum 2 underwater visibility.BN Black Nickel Reference AVM351321AVM351322AVM351323AVM351324AVM351325Blister (210Blister (310M.O.Q. ) ) 7548HYBRID X-SHORT - 1X STRONG SHARPNESSTRENGTH SROSION CORNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedInline Rotated RingBLACK NICKEL BNX Short Shank1X StrongCurved-in Point | Extra-short version of 7547 to arm crankbaits and all lures requiring a short shank hook to avoid tangling| Extra wide gap| Also available barbless, see 7548BActual sizePcs. Pkg.Size12106421 8BNBlisterlisterBN // 0005 // BBlack Nickel5ReferenceAVM350777AVM350406AVM350405AVM350404AVM350403AVM350402AVM35040110M.O.Q. Blister ( 5) 12|RAPALA VMC'