b'| |7560HYPERKUT TROPIC 6X-STRONG TREBLE HOOKSSHARPNESSSTRENGTHCORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedInline Rotated RingBLACK NICKEL BN TIN TI 6X Strong| A popular choice for tropical species and specimen cat\x1f sh| High-end Needle Sharp point with incredible resistance to opening| A premium choice for arming big poppers, stickbait and rigsActual size Pkg.Size1/02/03/04/05/0Pcs. 5BNBlack Nickel Reference 7560 BN01/0E57560 BN02/0E57560 BN03/0E57560 BN04/0E57560 BN05/0E5Pcs. 5TIin TReference 7560 TI01/0E57560 TI02/0E57560 TI03/0E57560 TI05/0E5 7560 TI04/0E5 10M.O.Q. Blister ( 5 )RAPALA VMC| 17'