b'| ALLROUND |7102 VANADIUM CARP TURNED-UP EYESHARPNESSSTRENGTH LIVEBAITCORROSIONNeedle ConeVanadium SteelForgedReversed (Offset)BLACK NICKEL BN Turned-Up Eye | Forged and reversed hook with a ring| A popular model for \x1f shing with boilies| Extremely solid and sharp inward-point Actual size Pcs. Pkg.Size821 64BN BagBN // 0010 // BagBlack Nickel 10Reference7102 BN0004D47102 BN0002D47102 BN0001D47102 BN0008D47102 BN0006D4 Bag ( 10 ) 10M.O.Q.9287 NATIONAL ROUND SPECIMENSHARPNESSSTRENGTHROSION CORCut PointHi-Carbon SteelForged1/2 Reversed (Offset)BRONZE BZRingedShort Shank| With a ring and relatively \x1f ne wire| Very popular for carp \x1f shing in the UK Actual sizePcs. Pkg.Size121084211/02/03/04/0 6BZ Bag BZ // 0010 // BagBronze 10Reference9287 BZ0012D49287 BZ0010D49287 BZ0008D49287 BZ0004D49287 BZ0002D49287 BZ0001D49287 BZ01/0D49287 BZ02/0D49287 BZ03/0D49287 BZ04/0D49287 BZ0006D4 10M.O.Q.ag ( 10 )BRAPALA VMC| 103'