b'| INLINE HOOKS |7231 MICROSPOONSHARPNESSSTRENGTHCORROSION LURE SINGLENeedle SharpVanadium SteelForgedMicro-BarbPTFE NT Technical Locking Curve | Dedicated to Microspoon lures| Needle Sharp Super Long Point| Also available in barbless version (7231B) | PTFE Coating| Dedicated to Trout Area competitions Pkg.Size4 86Pcs. 10NT8 6 4 PTFEActual size Reference AVM350969AVM350971AVM35097210M.O.Q. Bag (1 0 )7231BBMICROSPOON BARBLESSS SHARPNESSTRENGTH CORROSIONNeedle SharpVanadium SteelForgedBarblessPTFE NT Technical Locking Curve | Barbless version of 7231 Microspoon| Dedicated to Microspoon lures| Needle Sharp Super Long Point6Pkg.Size84Pcs.0 1 NT8 6 4 PTFE Actual size Reference AVM350975AVM350976 AVM350973 10M.O.Q. Bag ( 10) 7236 SINGLE FOR SPOONHARPNESSTRENGTH S SCORROSIONNeedle SharpSteelForgedRinged VanadiumCOASTAL BLACK CB1X Strong| Designed for arming lures: wobblers, spoons, etc.| High-end Needle Sharp point and Barbarian shape| Have been especially designed for seatrout \x1f shing with lures Pkg.Size1/02/0 1 9Pcs.8 CBCoastal Black Reference AVM350908AVM350910 AVM350909Actual size ) 1010M.O.Q. Bag (8 Bag ( 9 )RAPALA VMC| 37'