b'| JIGGING HOOKS |7269AAHHSLOW JIGGING ASSISTLURE SINGLEHARPNESSSTRENGTH SCORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedExtra Wide GapTIN TITechnical LockingFluorocarbonCurve | Technical Locking Curve (TLC) shape to lock \x1f sh in place and for a better hooking rate| Featuring assist line with \x1e uorocarbon core to minimize tangling | Dedicated to slow jigging style for big \x1f sh| Perfect combination with jigs from 60g to 300g| TI coating for super resistance to corrosion . 8 cm7 cm6 cmActual size5 cm4 cm3 cm4/0 2 cm1 cm0 cm6 cmAssist Braid 250lb5 cm Pkg.Size3/04/05/06/04 cm Pcs. 2 TITinReference AVM351210AVM3509143 cmAVM351211AVM350913 10M.O.Q. Bag ( 2)3/0 2 cm1 cm0 cmFeaturing assist line with \x1e uorocarbon core to minimize line tangling.50|RAPALA VMC'