b'| FINE WIRE |KAPTAIN ZIP BAG| Your best friend when you need to keep out from water/humidity your most important belongings| 100% Waterproof zip bag| Perfect for passport, key, wallet, phone.| The perfect accessory for your next \x1f shing trip!| 21.8 x 18.5 cm TREBLE HOOKSPcs. Pkg.Size21.8 x 18.5 cm Bag1 BLACK // 0001 // Bag Reference AVM99001910M.O.Q. Bag ( 1) 9645ROUND TREBLE SHARPNESSSTRENGTH CORROSIONCut PointHi-Carbon SteelRingedFine WireBRONZE BZ | Fine hook designed for precision \x1f shing techniques| Ef\x1f cient shape with a high catch-potential| Excellent model for trout and perch Actual sizePcs. Pkg.Size1210864BZ10BlisterlisterBZ // 0010 // BBronzeReference9645 BZ0012D19645 BZ0008D19645 BZ0006D19645 BZ0004D1 9645 BZ0010D1 10M.O.Q. Blister (1 0 )RAPALA VMC| 21'