b'FROG JIG| A technical Jig head with delicate \x1f nishing touches designed for vertical \x1f shing as well as linear.| XXL Eye allowing natural swimming action.| A slightly inward oriented point and a Technical Locking Curve to reduce unhooking.| High-end Needle Sharp point. JIG HEADSApril 2023Actual sizePcs. 3 Pkg.Size1/02/0Weight 7g 10g 1417g 21g gFIRETIGERRfrence AVM550096AVM550097AVM550098AVM550099 AVM550100 NATURAL Rfrence AVM550101AVM550102AVM550103AVM550105 AVM550104 ) 6M.O.Q. Blister (386|RAPALA VMC'