b'| SOFT PLASTIC HOOKS |7318N E OFFSET CHEBOO LURE SINGLEHARPNESSTRENGTH S SROSION CORNeedle SharpVanadium SteelForgedMicro-BarbPTFE NT2X StrongExtra Wide GapLarge Eye| The Texas version of the ChebOo Lok to \x1f sh in heavy cover!| Developed for the Cheburashka technique, it features an Extra Large Eye to optimize the swimming action of your favorite softbait.| The PTFE coating, the Micro Barb and the SuperLong Needle Sharp point give an absolute penetration power.| The Resin Keeper will keep your softplastic in the perfect position even after a few bites!| Use it with the Cheboo Weight for the perfect weedless Cheburashka Rig.| Dedicated Cheburashka hook for Pikes, perch and zanders | Resin Keeper | Extra Large eye | PTFE Coating | MicroBarb | Super Long Needle Sharp Point | Wide GapActual size Pkg.Size4211/02/03/04/05/0 Pcs. 64 5NTPTFE Reference AVM351253AVM351254AVM351255AVM351256AVM351257AVM351258AVM351259AVM351260VIDEOVIDO TUTO55) 5M.O.Q. Bag ( 4 ) Bag ( 5)Bag (658|RAPALA VMC'