b'| HAMEONS JIGGING |7117AHAHLIGHT JIGGING ASSIST HOOKLEURRES LURE SINGLE SPCIAL HARPNESSSTRENGTH SROSION CORNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedExtra Wide GapTIN TIFluorocarbonUV Flash| Ready to use 2-hook assist rig for modern light jigging / slow pitch| Extremely sharp points for easy penetration, essential for slow jigging when hits occur as the jig is falling| Technical locking curve reduces chances of the hook opening up when hooked on to big \x1f sh| Featuring assist line with \x1e uorocarbon core to minimize tangling| UV Krystal Flash for maximum visibility optimizing the strike rate during jigging7 cm6 cm5 cm4 cm3 cm2 cm1 cmAssist Braid 130lb200lb0 cm1Actual sizePkg.Size1/02/03/04/05/0 Pcs.3 4 2TI8 cm TinReference AVM350272AVM350273AVM350274AVM350275AVM350276 AVM350277 7 cm10) 1010M.O.Q. Bag ( 2 ) Bag (3 Bag ( 4) 6 cm5 cmUV Kristal Flash for maximum underwater visibility.4 cm3 cmFeaturing assist line with \x1e 2 cm uorocarbon core to minimize line tangling.1 cm0 cmRAPALA VMC| 49'