b'| JIGGING HOOKS |7264AAHHJIGGING ASSIST HOOKLURE SINGLEHARPNESSSTRENGTH SCORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedExtra Wide GapTIN TI FluorocarbonUV Flash | Ready to use 2-hook assist rig to \x1f t all vertical metal jigs, perfect for saltwater speed jigging| Chemically sharpened extra-long Needle Sharp point and extra wide gap help in getting better hookups and staying connected 9 cm8 cm7 cmActual size6 cm5 cm4 cm3 cm2 cm1 cm0 cmUV Kristal Flash for maximum Assist Braid 300lbunderwater visibility. Pkg.Size3/05/07/0Pcs. 32 TITinReference AVM350335AVM350336 AVM350334Featuring assist line with \x1e uorocarbon core to minimize line tangling.1010M.O.Q. Bag ( 2 ) Bag ( 3 )RAPALA VMC| 51'