b'34 0RJRUGBY JIG 7JIG HEADSS SHARPNESSTRENGTH CORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon Steel2X Strong3 Offset PointBLACK NICKEL BNExtra Wide Gap| Universal rugby head design, perfect for \x1f shing in heavy cover and along woodland edges.| With a recessed eye to protect against snags, weeds and abrasion from underwater obstacles.Actual size GREEN PUMPKIN CHARTREUSE43Pcs. Pkg.Size2/03/04/05/0Weight 3,5g5g7g9g11g14 gGreen CHARTREUSEPumpkin Rfrence 73 A4V0M R5053020/802K 173 A4V0M R5057030/803K 173 A4V0M R5151040/804K 173 A4V0M R5154050/805L 173A 4V0M R5055030/806K 173A 4V0M R5059040/807K 1 GREENPUMPKINRfrence 7340 R032/0K17340 R053/0K17340 R073/0K17340 R094/0K17340 R114/0K17340 R145/0L1Blister (3 ) 66M.O.Q. Blister ( 4 )92|RAPALA VMC'