b'| SOFT PLASTIC HOOKS |7316LDLDLEADED TEXANHARPNESSSTRENGTH SLURE SINGLEROSION CORNeedle ConeVanadium SteelForgedExtra Wide GapBLACK NICKEL BNRinged1X StrongZ Lock Bend| 7316 worm hook with leaded shank| Extremely sharp Needle Cone pointPkg.Size2/03/04/05/0 trenigghtth g g gSW 0,8g 11,52,2Pcs. 5BNBlack NickelActual sizeReference 7316 LD02/0E47316 LD05/0E4 7316 LD03/0E47316 LD04/0E4 Bag ( 5 ) 10M.O.Q.7317 TEXAN 3X STRONG WIDE GAPS SHARPNESSTRENGTH CORROSIONNeedle ConeHi-Carbon SteelForgedExtra Wide GapBLACK NICKEL BNTIN TIRinged3X StrongZ Lock Bend| Worm hook with 3X reinforced wire| To entice predators from heavily-covered areas| Extremely sharp and resistant point| Available in Tin plating for weedless soft plastic rigs for saltwater \x1f shingPcs. Pkg.Size2/03/04/05/0BN BN // 0005 // Bag Black Nickel - 7317 BN04/0E47317 BN05/0E4 5-Bag ReferenceTI TI // 0005 // Bag Tin 7317 TI05/0E4 5-7317 TI02/0E47317 TI03/0E4 ) 10M.O.Q. Bag (5 Actual size 72|RAPALA VMC'