b'| CIRCLE HOOKS |B TUNA 360S SCIRCLE 8386B SHARPNESS STRENGTH LIVEBAITCORROSIONCone CutHi-Carbon SteelForgedExtra Wide GapBLACK NICKEL BN3X Strong| One of the most famous VMC Circle Hook rigged on a high quality stainless steel swivel for a perfect presentation of the bait| Special drifting| 360 rotation for a better hook up ratio| High quality stainless steel swivels for optimal performance Actual size Pkg.Size3/04/06/08/010/0 Pcs. 53 4 BNBlack Nickel Reference AVM351181AVM351182AVM351183AVM351184AVM351185VIDEO IN SESSIONBag ( 3 ) 555M.O.Q. Bag (4 ) Bag ( 5 )136|RAPALA VMC'