b'| BIG GAME |8701S SDYNACUT BAY KING STAINLESS STEELHARPNESSSTRENGTH SLIVEBAITCORROSIONDynacutStainless SteelForgedStraight PointSTAINLESS STEEL SSRinged| Premium Big Game hook for sport \x1f shing| Straight-point model| Ready-to-\x1f sh, ultra-sharp Dynacut point| Does not require additional sharpening| Penetrates into the hardest part of the jaw of game \x1f shActual sizePcs. Pkg.Size7/08/09/010/011/012/0 SS // 0010 // Box 108701SPO07/0D28701SPO09/0D28701SPO10/0D2SS Box8701SPO08/0D28701SPO11/0D28701SPO12/0D2Stainless SteelReference100SS // 0100 // Box-8701SPO07/0A28701SPO08/0A28701SPO09/0A2 8701SPO10/0A28701SPO11/0A2 101M.O.Q. Box ( 10 ) Box ( 100 )128|RAPALA VMC'