b'7051 CRYSTALHARPNESSTRENGTH S SCORROSION TROUTNeedle SharpVanadium SteelForgedSpade EndBLACK BK Long Shank | Long-shank hook.| Perfect for \x1f shing with worms.| Solid and very sharp Needle Cone point. Pcs. Pkg.Size121086Actual sizeBK Bag BK // 0020 // BagBlack 20Reference7051 BK0012H47051 BK0010H47051 BK0006H4 7051 BK0008H4 10M.O.Q.ag ( 20 )B7052 FINESSES SHARPNESSTRENGTHCORROSION Needle SharpVanadium SteelSpade EndFine WireBLACK NICKEL BN| Fine wire hook with a spade end.| Designed for \x1f shing with delicate bait.| Solid and very sharp Needle Sharp point.Actual size4 Pcs. Pkg.Size121086BN Bag BN // 0020 // Bag Black Nickel 20Reference7052 BN0012H47052 BN0010H47052 BN0008H47052 BN0006H47052 BN0004H4 Bag ( 20)10M.O.Q.7053 WORMHARPNESSSTRENGTH SROSION CORNeedle SharpVanadium SteelForgedReversed (Offset)BLACK NICKEL BN Spade End2 Barbs on Shank | A highly popular hook for \x1f shing with worms.| Two barbs on the shank to keep bait \x1f rmly in place.| Solid and very sharp Needle Sharp point.| A versatile hook, also popular for saltwater \x1f shing. Pcs. Pkg.Size108642BN BagBN // 0020 // BagBlack Nickel 20Reference7053 BN0010H47053 BN0008H47053 BN0006H47053 BN0004H47053 BN0002H4 Bag (210M.O.Q. 0)Actual size RAPALA VMC| 95'