b'| 4X STRONG |FISHFIGHTER TREBLE8527 TREBLE HOOKSSHARPNESSSTRENGTHROSION CORCone CutHi-Carbon SteelForged4X StrongTIN TI RingedShort Shank| Very high resistance to opening| A complete range to arm all large-sized lures| A popular choice for tropical \x1f shingActual sizePcs. Pkg.Size6411/02/03/04/0 2TI5Blisterlister TI // 0005 // B TinReference8527 TI0006E58527 TI0004E58527 TI0002E58527 TI0001E58527 TI01/0E58527 TI02/0E58527 TI03/0E5 8527 TI04/0E5 10M.O.Q. Blister (5 )RAPALA VMC| 31'