b'| HEAVY DUTY |7232 REDENTEX FRONTReDenteX+ Needle SharpVanadium SteelForgedTechnical LockingSHARPNESSCT STRENGTHLIVEBAIT CORROSION CurveCOASTAL PTFEReDefine livebait fishing Resin Closed Eye | The series developed and designed for slow trolling live bait techniques: Stewart Rig.| Coastal PTFE coating: 50% increased speed penetration and 5 times more corrosion resistant than a standard PTFE!| Resin Closed Eye to avoid leader abrasion during the \x1f ght.| 45 Eye rotation for perfect nose hooking. The hook slides on the leader according to the size of the bait.| Incredible new SuperLong Needle Sharp for ultimattee penetration. The Technical Locking curve shape locks the \x1f sh in place once you have set the hook.Actual size7243 BACKPkg.Size2/03/04/05/06/0Pcs. 7 56 48 CTCoastal PTFE Reference AVM351222AVM351223AVM351225AVM351226 AVM351224 TUTO5B 5Bag (6 55B 5M.O.Q. Bag (4 )ag (5 ) ) Bag ( 7 )ag ( 8 ) 7242 FRONTNEW SUPER LONG NEEDLE SHARP TM POINTTECHNICAL LOCKING CURVE TM SHAPERESIN CLOSE EYE TECHNOLOGY RAPALA VMC| 119'