b'| INLINE HOOKS |7266BBSPECIMEN BARBLESS INLINEHARPNESSSTRENGTH SLURE SINGLECORROSION Needle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedBarblessCOASTAL BLACK CBExtra Wide GapLarge Eye| Barbless version of 7266| Single hook to use in place of a treble hook on lures| Increasingly popular trend for saltwater specimen \x1f shing| Extra wide gap - improves catch rate Actual size Pkg.Size3/04/05/06/07/0 Pcs. 653 4CBCoastal Black Reference AVM350929AVM350930AVM350931AVM350932AVM35093310101010M.O.Q. Bag ( 3 ) Bag ( 4 ) Bag ( 5)Bag ( 6 )RAPALA VMC| 45'