b'| SOFT PLASTIC HOOKS |7329DDDDROP DEAD WEIGHTEDS LURE SINGLEHARPNESSSTRENGTH CORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon Steel2X StrongExtra Wide GapBLACK NICKEL BNTapered LockingSpring | A new wide gap hook designed for Finesse-style Texas Rigs, with a weighted shank for \x1e uttering action.| With a tapered locking spring to securely hold the bait in place after cast and a long shank to reduce short bites.Pkg.Size3/04/05/0SW 2g 2,7g 3,5g trenigghtth Pcs.4 BNActual sizeBlack Nickel Reference 7329 DD04/0K17329 DD05/0K1 7329 DD03/0K1 6M.O.Q. Blister (4 )8313 WORM H OOKHARPNESSTRENGTH S SCORROSIONCone Cut Vanadium SteelForgedRingedBLACK NICKEL BN1X StrongZ Lock Bend| A best-selling hook for long thin lures| Premium, highly technical design| Cone Cut point ensures excellent penetrationPcs. Pkg.Size11/02/03/04/0 BN BlisterBN // 0025 // BlisterBlack Nickel 25ReferenceAVM351077AVM351078AVM351079AVM351075AVM351076 10M.O.Q.lister (25 B ) Actual size RAPALA VMC| 73'