b'| JIGGING HOOKS |7122SASAMINI ASSISTLURE SINGLEHARPNESSSTRENGTH SCORROSIONNeedle SharpVanadium SteelForgedMicro-BarbPTFE NT| Top quality Mini Assist Hook developed to equip hardbaits and jigs. No leverage thanks to the coated assist braid| PTFE coating for optimal penetration| UV Tinsels: cut it if the pressure on the \x1f sh is too high| Super Long Needle Sharp Point| Micro barb to optimize penetration speed and catch & release| High-End Vanadium wire and coated assist braid to ease the change in the split ring .2 cm1 cm Actual size8 6 4 20 cmAssist Braid 35lb Pcs. Pkg.Size8642 NT Bag NT // 0006 // Bag 6 PTFE ReferenceAVM351187AVM351188AVM351189 AVM351186 VIDEOVIDO5M.O.Q. Bag (6 )7117SASALIGHT SINGLE ASSIST SHARPNESSSTRENGTH CORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedExtra Wide GapTIN TITechnical LockingUV FlashCurve | Dedicated to slow jigging| Technical Locking Curve maximises hook sets and locks \x1f sh in place when hooked| Twisted Braided line for 40% more resistance | UV Krystal Flash for maximum visibility optimizing the strike rate during jigging Assist Braid 130lb200lb UV Kristal Flash for maximum underwater visibility.Pkg.Size1/02/03/0 1 2Pcs.TI in6 cmT Reference AVM350989AVM350991AVM350992 AVM350990 ) 10M.O.Q. Bag (2 5 cm4 cm3 cm2 cm1 cmActual size0 cm52|RAPALA VMC'