b'CAVITY JIG| A jig head equipped with a 6/0 hook extremely sharp and sturdy point, dedicated to 14 to 25 cm lures.| The front cavity allows a higher volume of water moved compared to a regular jig head. This water movement proved ef\x1f cient with big pikes.| Technical Locking Curve shape.| XXL Eye to ease the knots with the biggest \x1e uorocarbons and allow a natural swimming action of lures.| High-end Needle Sharp point.JIG HEADSApril 2023Actual sizePkg.Size6/0 Weight 5 g 101520g 25g 30gg gBLACKMATTRfrence AVM550107AVM550108AVM550109AVM550110AVM550111 AVM550106 6M.O.Q. Blister ( 3 ) Pcs. 3 RAPALA VMC| 87'