b'| ALLROUND |9408 CRYSTALHARPNESSSTRENGTH SLIVEBAITCORROSIONCut PointHi-Carbon SteelForgedSpade EndBRONZE BZ| All-purpose, resistant shape| For \x1f shing roach, bream and tench in rivers Actual sizePcs. Pkg.Size16141210864 BZ Bag BZ // 0010 // BagBronze 10Reference9408 BZ0016D49408 BZ0014D49408 BZ0010D49408 BZ0006D49408 BZ0004D4 9408 BZ0012D49408 BZ0008D4 Bag (110M.O.Q. 0) 9725 KIRBYHARPNESSTRENGTH S SS CORROSIONCut PointHi-Carbon SteelReversed (Offset)RingedBRONZE BZ1X Strong| A Kirby reversed hook with a ring| Perfect for eel and predator \x1f shing| Suitable for dead bait \x1f shing 864 Pcs. Pkg.Size2 Actual sizeBZ BagBZ // 0010 // Bag Bronze 10Reference9725 BZ0008D49725 BZ0002D49725 BZ0006D49725 BZ0004D4 Bag (110M.O.Q. 0) 7145 WORM AND LURESHARPNESSTRENGTH SCORROSIONSpark Point Vanadium SteelForgedRingedBLACK NICKEL BN 2 Barbs on ShankLong Shank | Premium worm hook| Two barbs on the shank to secure bait| Spark Point for extreme sharpnessPcs. Pkg.Size86421Actual sizeBN // 0010 // Bag BN Bag Black Nickel 10Reference7145 BN0008D47145 BN0006D47145 BN0004D47145 BN0002D47145 BN0001D4 10M.O.Q.ag (1 0 )B106|RAPALA VMC'