b'MUSTACHE RIG| A perfect mix between a jig head and a bucktail, designed for big pike \x1f shing.| The generated water movement attracts bigger \x1f shes.| A product developped with our guides and large pike experts.| Water movement is key when targetting big pikes| Lead Free productJIG HEADSApril 2023Actual sizeSPkg.SizeML Weight 11g 2040gg BUTTERNUT Rfrence AVM550126 AVM550116AVM550121CAPPUCCINOAVM550119Rfrence AVM550114AVM550124 CHARTREUSERfrence AVM550115AVM550120AVM550125GHOSTRfrence AVM550113 AVM550118AVM550123 RED HOTRfrence AVM550112AVM550122 AVM550117 Blister ( 1) 6Pcs. 1 M.O.Q. RAPALA VMC| 89'