b'| STANDARD WIRE |BARBARIAN TREBLE8573 TREBLE HOOKSSHARPNESSSTRENGTHCORROSIONCone CutHi-Carbon SteelForgedTechnical LockingCurveBLACK NICKEL BN RED RDRinged | Barbarian shape for maximum resistance| Catch is secured in the Technical Locking Curve| Inside barbActual sizePcs. Pkg.Size86421 BN10B N // 0010 // Blister Black Nickel8573 BN0008D18573 BN0006D18573 BN0004D18573 BN0002D18573 BN0001D1 Blister ReferenceRD10RD // 0010 // Blister Red8573 RD0006D18573 RD0004D18573 RD0002D18573 RD0001D1 8573 RD0008D1 Blister ( 10 ) 10M.O.Q.9607OSHAUGHNESSY CLIP-IN TREBLE SHARPNESSTRENGTH SCORROSIONCut PointHi-Carbon SteelOpen ShankBRONZE BZ | Suitable for dead-bait rigs| Open shank for easy assembly| Ideal for perch, zander and pike10 8 6 4 2 1Actual sizePcs. Pkg.Size108621 4BZ10Blisterlister BZ // 0010 // BBronzeReference9607 BZ0010D19607 BZ0008D19607 BZ0006D19607 BZ0004D19607 BZ0002D19607 BZ0001D110M.O.Q.lister ( 10 )B26|RAPALA VMC'