b'MOONTAIL JIGS| Technical Locking Curve shape (TLC) maximizes hook sets and locks \x1f sh in place| Oversized \x1e at aspirin head shape enhances darting and rolling head motion when jigged| Low pro\x1f le elongated bucktail \x1f bers maintain shape and creates lifelike action| X Large 3D holographic eyes JIG HEADS2/0 3/0 3/03.5g 7g 10.5gActual sizeTUTO IN SESSIONPkg.Size2/03/0 Weight 3.5 10.5 g 7g gBLUE FIRE UVRfrence AVM550076AVM550077AVM550078BULL HEADAVM550011Rfrence AVM550006AVM550016FIRETIGER Rfrence AVM550007AVM550017 AVM550012 PINK FIRE UV Rfrence AVM550018 AVM550008AVM550013 REDTAIL CHUBRfrence AVM550009AVM550014AVM550019 SHADRfrence AVM550081 AVM550079AVM550080 WHITERfrence 2 AVM550010AVM550015AVM550020 M.O.Q. Bag ( 2 ) 6Pcs. 90|RAPALA VMC'