b'| |7548 BD B DBLADED HYBRID TREBLE HOOKSHARPNESSSTRENGTH SCORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedInline Rotated RingBLACK NICKEL BN X Short Shank1X Strong| Take a bait that is already good and make it better| This new VMC APPROVED concept is a swivel and blade combination securely nested and enclosed on a 7548 Series treble with a powerful epoxy resin HYBRID BLADEDActual size NEW NEW Pcs. Pkg.Size12108642B N // 0002 // Blister2AVM350960AVM350962BN BlisterAVM350959AVM350961Black NickelReference BN // 0003 // Blister - - -3-AVM351302AVM351303VIDEO 1010M.O.Q. Blister (2 ) Blister (3 ) 7548BHYBRID X-SHORT BARBLESS -1X STRONGSHARPNESSSTRENGTHCORROSIONNeedle SharpHi-Carbon SteelForgedBarblessBLACK NICKEL BN Inline Rotated RingX Short Shank1X Strong | Extra-short version of 7547B to arm crankbaits and all lures requiring a short shank hook to avoid tangling| Extra wide gap Actual sizePcs. Pkg.Size12106421 8BNBlisterlisterBN // 0005 // BBlack Nickel5ReferenceAVM350778AVM350412AVM350411AVM350410AVM350409AVM350408AVM35040710M.O.Q. Blister (5 )RAPALA VMC| 13'