b'| ASSIST/JIGGING HOOKS | LURE SINGLE 7264AHJIGGING ASSIST HOOK SHARPNESS STRENGTHCORROSIONNeedle Sharp Hi-Carbon Steel Forged Extra Wide GapTINTI| Ready to use 2-hook assist rig to fit all vertical metal jigs, perfect for saltwater speed jigging | Chemically sharpened extra-long Needle Sharp point and extra wide gap help in getting better hookups and staying connectedSIZE QUANTITY/ ASSISTFLUORO| UV Krystal Flash for maximum visibility optimizing the PACK BRAID CARBON strike rate during jigging3/0 3 300 LB 8 LB5/0 2 300 LB 8 LB | Featuring assist line with fluorocarbon core to minimizeline tangling7/0 2 300 LB 8 LBRIGGING SUGGESTIONSTORM SUPER GOMOKU Jig rigged with 1 set of VMC 7264AH for Speed Jigging 9 cmActual Size8 cm7 cmwww.vmcpeche.com6 cm5 cm4 cm3 cm2 cm1 cm0 cm68'