b'| SOFT PLASTIC HOOKS | LURE SINGLETEXAN 7310 TEXAN SUPER LIGHT SHARPNESS STRENGTHCORROSIONSpark Point Vanadium Steel Forged Extra Wide GapBLACK NICKELBNLightFine Wire Z Lock Bend Ringed| One of the lightest worm hooks on the market | Extra wide gap to make rigging soft plastic lures easier | Premium Vanadium steel and ultra-sharp Spark Point Actual SizeTEXAN SUPER LIGHT 1 2Rigging suggestion:Fluorocarbon line (20 to 30/100)depending on target species VMC Super Light Worm Hook3 4Weight Plastic or rubber bead Soft plastic lureto protect the knotwww.vmcpeche.com52'