b'| CONTENTS |TREBLE/DOUBLEPAGE 7TREBLE HOOKS8 DOUBLE HOOKS3075Series9 2X Strong Wire. 25Fine Wire16 3X Strong Wire26Standard Wire.17 4X Strong Wire281X Strong Wire. 21 6X Strong Wire29LURE SINGLEPAGE 35Spinner/Spoon & Trout Area.36 52 Assist & Jigging Hooks.63Texan . 59Wobbler Single Hook39 Texan Worm .Wacky 60Soft Plastic Hooks.43 . .Trailer 61Drop Shot. . . 44 Stinger. . 61. .Swimbait . 46. .MATCH/FEEDERPAGE 71Match Ultra Light. . 72 Wide Gap.75Match Light. . .73 Feeder.77Match Medium/Waggler.73 Match/Feeder X-Strong. . 78FLYPAGE 81TROUTPAGE 85LIVEBAITPAGE 91Predator.92 Heavy Duty . 110Catfish . .93 Big Game.114Allround.95 Circle.118 In-shore/Surfcasting. 101 Stainless Steel121 COMMERCIALPAGE 127RESPECTOurcompanyisextremelyconsciousofenvironmentalissuesandisThe colours reproduced in this brochure may not be true to life. VMC reserves the right to change constantly looking for improvements in this area. We also support res- specifications and make product improvements to any of our products at any time without notice. ponsible anglers and their aquatic conservation efforts, in both freshwaterInformation in this brochure was correct at the time of printing. and saltwater fishing. Help us to preserve our rich natural legacy for futureWhile every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, VMC cannot accept any angling generations.responsability for any errors or omissions and this brochure does not form part of any contract.All images and hook drawings are copyright of VMC and must not be reproduced without prior permission.VMC and the other registered trademarks indicated in this document belong to VMC PECHE SAS.3'