b'LURE SINGLE 7117AH LIGHT JIGGING ASSIST HOOK SHARPNESS STRENGTHLURE SINGLECORROSIONNeedle Sharp Hi-Carbon Steel Forged Extra Wide GapTINTITechnical Locking Curve| Ready to use 2-hook assist rig for modern light jigging / slow pitch | Extremely sharp points for easy penetration, essential for slow jigging when hits occur as the jig is falling | Technical locking curve reduces chances of the hook opening up when hooked on to big fishSIZE QUANTITY/PACK ASSIST BRAID FLUOROCARBON | UV Krystal Flash for maximum visibility optimizing the 1 4 130 LB 8 LB strike rate during jigging1/0 3 130 LB 8 LB | Featuring assist line with fluorocarbon core to minimize2/0 3 130 LB 8 LB line tangling3/0 3 200 LB 10 LB4/0 2 200 LB 10 LB 7 cm5/0 2 200 LB 12 LB6 cm5 cm4 cm3 cm2 cm1 cm0 cmRIGGINGActual SizeSUGGESTION 8 cmSTORM KOIKA Jig rigged with 2 sets of VMC 7117AH for Slow7 cmJigging 6 cm5 cm4 cm3 cm2 cmwww.vmcpeche.com 1 cm0 cm67'