b'LURE SINGLETEXAN WORM 7329DD DROP DEAD WEIGHTED LURE SINGLESHARPNESS STRENGTHCORROSIONNeedle Sharp Hi-Carbon Steel Extra Wide Gap Tapered Locking Spring BLACK NICKELBN2X Strong| A new wide gap hook designed for Finesse-style Texas Rigs, with a weighted shank for fluttering action. With a tapered locking spring to securely hold the bait in place after cast and a long shank to reduce short bites. The VMC Drop Dead Weighted hook is perfect for fishing with a classic jerk action or using the drop-dead technique to obtain a fluttering action. The weight is positioned low on the hook like a keel creating the ideal action to flutter soft plastic worms, swim baits and fluke minnows.Actual Size 8313 WORM HOOK SHARPNESS STRENGTHCORROSIONCone Cut Vanadium Steel Forged RegularBLACK NICKELBN1X Strong Z Lock Bend Ringed| A best-selling hook for long thin lures | Premium, highly technical design | Cone Cut point ensures excellent penetration WORM HOOKRigging suggestion:1 23 4www.vmcpeche.com Actual Size59'