b'|WOBBLER SINGLE HOOK| LURE SINGLE 7234 MANGROVE INLINE SHARPNESS STRENGTHCORROSIONNeedle Sharp Vanadium Steel Micro-Barb Extra Wide GapCOASTAL PTFECTTechnical Locking3X StrongCurve| The Mangrove Inline hook has been designed to equip hardbaits from 60 to 120mm. Features: | Coastal PTFE coating: 50% increased speed penetration and 5 times more corrosion resistant than a standard PTFE ! | Super Long Needle Sharp Point | Micro-Barb| Vanadium Wire| Technical Locking Curve (TLC) shape to lock fish in place and for a better hooking rateActual Size6 4 2 1 1/05X MORE CORROSION RESISTANT THAN A STANDARD PTFE50% INCREASED PENETRATION SPEED COMPARED TO A BLACKNICKELCORROSION RESISTANCE 72 HoursStandard PTFE12Hours40'