b'TREBLE HOOKSTREBLE/DOUBLESTANDARD WIRE 9617 OSHAUGHNESSY TREBLE SHARPNESS STRENGTHCORROSIONCone Cut Hi-Carbon Steel 1X StrongNICKELNIPERMASTEELPS| The most popular hook in Europe for making rigs | A large range of sizes for a multitude of applications | An excellent all-purpose hook, now available in small size 2 (bronze) Actual SizeROUND vs OSHAUGHNESSY SHAPETheroundbend hasaslightlywidergapthanTheOShaughnessyshape isnarrower,witha theOShaughnessyandresultsinbetterandeasierbreakatthebase.Forsaltwaterorfreshwater settingofthehook,butwillopenmoreeasily.applicationsaimedatheavyandpowerfulfish,the Most freshwater applications will use round bend trebles to benefit from the wider gap. OShaughnessy shape ensures greater resistance to opening.www.vmcpeche.com17'