b'| SOFT PLASTIC HOOKS | LURE SINGLE 7302 SPECIAL ZANDER SHARPNESS STRENGTHCORROSIONNeedle Cone Vanadium Steel Forged Reversed (Offset)BLACK NICKELBNTurned-Up Eye| Reversed hook with a ring | Designed for perch and zander | Extremely solid Needle Cone point Actual SizeSWIMBAIT 7315STFINESS SWIMBAIT SHARPNESS STRENGTHCORROSIONNeedle Sharp Vanadium Steel Forged Micro-BarbPTFENTLightWide Gap Fine Wire| Needle Sharp Super Long Point | PTFE Coating for high hooking performance | Easy to rig thanks to lure keeper | Ideal for perch, bass, zander2 1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0Actual SizeExceptional penetration speedSmooth P.T.F.E. coating is now available on a number of VMC premium models for match, feeder & carp fishing, catfish and livebait. This technical coating improves hook discretion and increases penetration speed by 50%.46'