b'VMC TECHNOLOGYVMC POINTSGround Needle PointExceptional SharpnessVMC Needle Sharp is the very latest in premium pointThe result of a sharpening technique that gathers the metalfibers and squeezes them toward the center of the point. technology from VMC , the result of a unique point-grindingBy compressing rather than cutting, VMC has created a point process, chemically sharpened to perfection. equal or superior in sharpness to the best available and incredibly stronger.DevelopedexclusivelybyVMCforultimateperformance hooks.A premium point hardened by forming, followed by chemicalThe point that combines sharpness, structural stability and sharpening ensures permanent hook sharpness. Front and backquality thanks to a conical tip, a triangular crest and a barb reinforcementribsguaranteethepointsrigidity.Energyso fine that it assures, without force, a clean and perfect channels increase the speed of penetration and optimise thepenetration beyond the barb.points driving force upon striking.The first point with 3 micro-barbs. The upper barb, placedThe traditional hook point with excellent penetration capacity. close to the point, guarantees swift hook bite at the slightestThis standard hook point is the most widely manufactured in solicitation. Two lower micro-barbs prevent the fish slippingthe world.off, even when the line is slack. As there is no tearing of theAll VMC hooks beginning with the number 9 have a standard flesh,theremovalofaFastgriphookleavesnowound.Cut Point, unless otherwise indicated.Fastgrips penetration power is 15% superior to that of an ordinary point.VMC STEELSVMC Vanadium hooks owe their success to theirCarbon stabilizes iron during temperature changes.SS - Stainless Steellightness allied with their incredible resistance : upThe higher the level of carbon, the stronger theReservedforspecialprofessionalandpremium to 25% increased strength. steel. sport hook series, stainless steel is perfect for deep VMC Vanadium steel is perfect for any finesse- VMC uses premium-quality high carbon steel tosea fishing, salmon and big fish.style hooks that require instant penetration. allow for a thinner hook with the highest qualityUltimate corrosion resistance requiring no further point and durability. coating.7382S8117S - 8255S 8294S - 8299S 8700S- 8701S9746SVMC COATINGSAn optimum level of corrosion resistance exists for each individual fishing application. You can depend on VMC coatings to preserve the unique sharpness, strength, shape and finish of our hooks for as long as you need them to last. The wide range of VMC coatings offers an efficient solution adapted to every fishing condition.FRESHWATER SALTWATER EXTREME CONDITIONSBK -Black BN -Black Nickel CT - Coastal P.T.F.E. PS -Permasteel BL -Blue GO -Gold TI -TinBZ -Bronze NI -Nickel TR -Tin Red 1000+ HOURS !NT -P.T.F.E. RD -RedThese coloured hooks receive a thin layerNR -Nickel Red The Coastal PTFE coating (CT) is 5 timesThe original anti-corrosion coating by of unique varnish that covers the hookThe perfect balance between coatingmore corrosion resistant than a PTFE. Itexcellence, exclusive to VMC.without affecting the sharpness of itsthickness and point sharpness, toincreases the penetration speed by 50% point. The varnish creates a shield on Hi- ensure optimum hook performance andcompare to a classic black nickel coating.The Permasteel secret formula creates Carbon and Vanadium steel by coveringresistance against corrosion. This exclusive technology is the result ofa 100 % protective shield for even the the entire hook surface.When fishing in3 years intensive researches at the VMCmost vulnerable areas of the hook, whilst freshwater, these VMC coatings willSmooth P.T.F.E. coating isfactory in France.maintaining ultimate point sharpness.preserve hook sharpness, strength andnow available on a number of VMCpremiumVMC Permasteel prevents signs ofTin and Tin Red coatings are highly appearance to the highest possible level. models for match, feeder & carp fishing,recommended for all saltwater fishingcorrosion in saltwater for over 1000 catfish and livebait. This technical coatingapplications, particularly those involvinghours.improves hook discretion and increasesintense friction such as trolling or when 4 penetration speed by 50 %. in direct contact with stainless steel.'