b'HYBRID WIDE GAP7548 X-SHORT 1X STRONG INLINE TREBLE BN Black NickelHi-Carbon Steel Forged Inline Rotated Ring X Short Shank 1X StrongTREBLES53 1/0Actual Size7548 B X-SHORT 1X STRONG INLINEBN Black NickelBARBLESS TREBLEHi-Carbon Steel Forged Barbless Inline Rotated Ring X Short Shank1X StrongActual Size1Ground Needle Point1 Exceptional Sharpness2Unique VMC design combining maximum resistanceVMC Needle Sharp is the very latest in premium pointand needle-sharp penetrationtechnology from VMC, the result of a unique point-grinding2process, chemically sharpened to perfection.www.vmc-hooks.com11'